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Way2Smile focuses on offering solutions in order to achieve sustainable development goals by leveraging digital transformation strategy by figuring out the current needs of the environment and developing solutions accordingly.

Our primary aim is to achieve sustainable development goals by leveraging our domain expertise and also coming up with innovative ideas to make these goals feasible. Moreover, we also have prior experience in them it becomes an easy task for us to make the world sustainable.

Way2Smile Solutions offers feature-rich solutions by remaining updated with the latest trends in the market and implementing them perfectly. We are also clearly aware of the un global goals for sustainable development and work on solutions in accordance with them.


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How Way2Smile helps Governments and Enterprises in constructing a better future?

Governments of any country can now easily view and determine the climatic conditions and safeguard the public from hazards such as rise in sea levels, dangerous storms, etc. Added, one can view the conditions of the local farms and gain a clear view of crop harvesting, production figures, crop damages, etc. They can also know the current state of pollution and frame strategies in accordance with them.

We help Enterprise businesses to make their operations hassle-free by leveraging the best-in-class technologies which would rule the future. In addition to this, we people also analyze existing systems of the businesses and make their business process simple and easier than before by utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to gain benefits.

Our Achievements

Way2Smile is one of the top-notch UN SDG Companies with prior experience of 10 years in the industry.

Oceanography Solutions

We have developed a unique Oceanography platform that can offer a wider view of marine life with the floating buoys which are responsible for transmitting a huge amount of data. It also enables one to view the ocean parameters and monitor the weather conditions in real-time. This can be widely helpful for the public and the environment. Marine Debris Tracker: This is the application that offers information that is used by coastal guards, fisheries, oceanographers, and they would get the details about plastic debris in the ocean with latitude and longitude along with tidal directions as well. It will be synchronized with a centralized server when the application connected over the network.

BI Tool for Agriculture

We ensure, our solutions are budget-friendly and also offer a pollution-free environment for the Transportation industry. ManageTeamz, a feature-rich application that is used to reshape the Logistics industry by eliminating Greenhouse gas emissions prevailing in society. It comes with high-end features like Route Optimization, Real-time tracking, Location Accuracy, and Driver Management which can thereby eliminate wastage of energy in all the formats.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Allows Governments to continuously monitor the initial stages of agricultural production and know the availability of the products. This can be helpful in making better decisions for the future by knowing the market trend analysis, current data of the farm volumes Plan international supply based on supply gap, in addition to that that protects the local farmers from over-supply gaps as well price fallout crises.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Way2Smile already has prior experience in building trail applications that can safeguard the lively natural resources and endangered species such as tortoise and squirrels across the globe. This can help trail users to be on a safer end and get to know the current location and how they enjoy the environment around them. It also eliminates the risks with abandoned mines, unsafe terrain, and other fire hazards. The primary goal of the project is to protect the factors of a sustainable future and offer safe human settlements and enable recreation activities on public lands.

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