We provide Cloud Hosting Services with unlimited Data Transfers

Way2Smile is a cloud service provider working towards branding companies and enable them in managing the cloud hosted platforms. Our cloud services have the ability to connect to a virtualized cloud and then provide uninterrupted cloud platforms for enterprises reliably.

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Why Way2Smile for your Cloud Services!

We specialize in architect a search engine friendly website and market your e-commerce solution. Our cloud services are highly reliable at recording the latest changes in your website application and then update it instantly.

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Automated Backups

You don’t have to maintain a server instead copy the data to a secure folder and then migrate your agile project and digital enterprise swiftly.

Scale on the go

Way2Smile managed cloud hosting services provides clients the freedom to market their business On the Go with high scalability factors.

Uptime Guarantee

We offer unswerving cloud services to our clients and assure them with uptime guarantee and safer environment for hosting their business website.

Digital Transformation with Way2Smile Solutions

Who do we partner with?

Way2Smile provides hybrid cloud solutions for the clients making their request for hosting websites over physical server and virtualized server with respect to their business needs.


Service & sell

Our services on shared hosting works on premises connecting to physical server and enable enterprises to access to hybrid cloud solutions.


Platform builders

Way2Smile offers a cost efficient platform builders for clients through cloud hosting and then keep up with the business server virtually accessible without any downtime.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure With Way2smile Cloud Services

Way2Smile can transform your business website application to different IT Infrastructure needs and avert the DDoS attack through raising a high security system.


Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud services can help you migrate and transit your simple apps to complex apps without any additional cost. It should indulge businesses to rapid fast change to agile and digital enterprises.

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Infrastructure Migration

We ensure that your web application project gets rich controls, integration and best security accreditations through Infrastructure Migration services.

data migration

Data Migration

We meet the business demand requirements and process the data migration totally protected under comprehensive security standards.

app migration

Application Migration

Our Cloud Apps developer offer the flexibility of hybrid app migration for your project and extend the IT Infrastructure to the cloud.


Cloud-native Capabilities

Get the privilege of cloud native capabilities for your website and control the cloud environment either by scaling up or down with making only a few changes.


Cloud Managed Services

Our cloud managed services can effectively integrate both the public and private cloud platforms for your business and empower you to easy configure, provision and manage mobile and web applications.
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Amazon Web Services

We have the expertise of using the AWS and then leverage the business managed services by displaying agility, elasticity, cost effectiveness and resilient data security.
archi consulting

Architectural Consulting

Our Cloud App developer check for strict compliance of the cloud platform and then secure backup for all your potential business data.
maintenace services

Maintenance Services

We provide endless maintenance services for your business managed over the cloud by protecting it with high data security across all the resources provisioned.

Operational Management

We develop an intuitive dashboard for managing your business cloud platform on a single web interface. Now every business can have the control to easy create, provision and manage cloud servers more efficiently.

Cloud Services We Hold Expertise In

We give our clients the full root access to cloud applications and digital enterprises managed across AWS, Docker Images, Docker Registry and VPS Cloud Services.

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Get your business over the Cloud Hosting services at any time swiftly. We help you with all your queries related to Cloud Hosting with the help of our Support Centre working 24/7/365 days.

You may directly send an email or give us a call to know more about it. Way2Smile Cloud Hosting Services.

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