How does AI transform the education industry?

How does AI transform the education industry?

 A revolution in the education sector is long-awaited and the industry is aggressively moving towards attaining global educational goals to create a sustainable future. The technological disruption in the educational sector has been the primary driver for such an initiative, but the recent pandemic has accelerated the process by a great margin.

At some point, global government bodies and international organizations are focusing on increasing the literacy rate globally. Obviously, such a humongous task needs a helping hand from technology, but there is more to it. Technological innovations in the education industry like digital learning or e-learning are helping many people in remote parts of the world, but the goal of achieving the “quantity” metrics itself is not as effective as achieving the “quality” metrics.

Balancing the quantity and quality should be the world government’s agenda and many tech giants think that Artificial Intelligence is the way forward. the future of AI in the education sector means innovation, quality control, scalability, accessibility, customizability, and a lot more.

A report suggests that AI implementation in the educational sector would fetch a revenue of nearly 25.7 billion USD by 2030. Apart from the technical abilities of AI, it has a great ROI value in the market. This opens up many opportunities for digital transformation companies and IT consulting companies in the country.

How can rubbing the magic lamp of AI can help you with the desire to change the educational sector?

let us take the educational sector as a whole. This is a billion-dollar business and if anything, this is one of the toughest organizations to manage. This is because of the role of the industry itself. the significance of the educational sector in a country will reflect in every other parameter related to the growth of the country; hence the extra pressure!

Make administration easy!

Believe it or not, an educational institution or organization needs to manage tons and tons of data. The worst part is, most of the data is in the physical form and hasn’t been digitized for the most part. Pairing AI with an aggressive digital transformation can take an enormous load off the management, and help them focus on more important tasks.

Ai in education industry

Enterprise AI solutions have solved many complex data problems. There are many AI development companies in the market that can provide a real-time solution to tackle these administration problems. AI can also analyze this data and categorize it to store in a central database for better analysis and optimization. This saves a ton of time and manpower and also prevents tampering with critical documents.

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AI can be your next favorite teacher!

AI is getting more advanced and at an exponential rate. The introduction of chatbots on e-learning platforms has gained a huge positive response from the students as well as teachers. While some may take this thought with a pinch of salt, AI implementation can actually change the way a student learns. AI is basically computer coded so they don’t know fatigue. They can perform the same task a million times without slacking in precision.

Ai in education industry

This takes personal learning to the next level. Many IT consulting companies are collaborating with educational industries to push the limits of personal training. In a time confined by the pandemic, personal training can help students to stay on their toes. The global market share of AI in the educational sector is expected to grow by nearly 40% by the next 6 years. Commercializing such advanced technological innovations can bring changes to the life of a vast majority of students.

AI and analytics: diving deep into your report card!

Yes, that may sound scary! The purpose of a report card is to understand the key performance areas of the student and to analyze the ways through which he/she can improve their weaker areas. Well, with AI implementation, analytics is going to be a piece of cake. There are many advanced AI programs that can identify patterns and provide customized constructive feedback for the students to improve their overall game!

Ai in education industry

In art schools, AI can take this step even further! A student can travel to the past and understand how a particular piece of art or music or painting has been created. This is a big step forward and can even open up many opportunities for the students to understand the works of different artists and their work.

AI is a big YES for breaking the geographical barriers!

Pairing AI with VR or Virtual Reality can open up huge possibilities for students across the globe. it can completely negate the geographical boundaries between a student and an education institute. The time zones don’t matter because AI tutors are always available in a single touch. This improves the overall landscape of the global education industry as it decentralizes resources.

Ai in education industry

One of the most significant advantages of AI is that it is more like a piece of a puzzle. It can fit with other technologies like digital platforms, VR, AR, video libraries, etc. to provide a complete learning experience for a student. AI development companies can also tweak their program if needed to accommodate any feedback from the students or teachers. AI tutors can also be your teacher’s new pet as they can also evaluate the exams of different students and upload the data automatically, all in a fraction of a second.

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Summing this up,

The benefits of AI in the educational sector are just a lot to overlook. Technological disruption in the educational sector can make the most complex tasks look easy. AI incorporation can collect and analyze mountains of these data. What’s more fascinating is that it can learn on its own. It can perform better without any incentive and can identify patterns that are too rigid to notice. Pandemic has certainly accelerated the AI implementation in the education industry, and soon schools/colleges without AI would be obsolete.

Ai in education industry

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